Malaysia: ‘Find My iPhone’ app leads victim to robbers’ house after home invasion
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Malaysia: ‘Find My iPhone’ app leads victim to robbers’ house after home invasion

TWO robbers were busted within several hours of invading a house in Malaysia after the victim tracked them down through Apple’s ‘Find My iPhone’ app at a village in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

In the 4am incident on Sunday, burglars broke into the victim’s house while the family of seven were fast asleep. The victims only realized their house was robbed when the 57-year-old mother woke up to perform morning prayers at about 5.30am.

The robbers had reportedly broken in from the front door, taking with them five mobile phones of various brands, including an iPhone, a watch, and US$375 (RM1,500) cash.

The assailants also had the audacity to eat food from the kitchen before leaving the house, causing the family to incur some US$375 (RM15,000) in total losses.

“As soon as the family realized the break-in, the victim’s son activated the ‘Find My iPhone’ app and gathered several friends to track the robbers,” an unnamed source told local newspaper Sinar Harian yesterday.

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The handy app led the victim to an unnumbered house in a neighboring village, and he called the police to help nab the suspects.

Rembau District Police Chief Ibrahim Sharif said that a team from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were sent to the address and arrested two men aged 32 and 38. The duo were unemployed.

Police also found in their possession various types of mobile phones, jewelry and many other items believed to be stolen goods.

“The seven items were missing from the family home were also successfully found in the house,” said Ibrahim.

“Based on initial investigation the suspects had several criminal records of which two involved burglary, obstructing a public servant from performing duties, apart from drug-related offences,” he added.

The two are currently being remanded and are expected to be charged in court soon.

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