Indonesia: Student stabs lecturer to death over poor grades
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Indonesia: Student stabs lecturer to death over poor grades

IN a row over bad grades, a lecturer was brutally murdered by one of her students in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia on Monday. The woman was killed while she was preparing to perform her prayers.

Lubis Nur Ain, a 63-year-old guidance and counselling lecturer at Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra’s Education Faculty, was killed after reportedly being stabbed by 20-year-old Roymardo Sah Siregar.

A student, Runa Wilandari, told Kompas that Nur, who is affectionately known as ‘Bunda’ (mother), was killed in a bathroom while she did her ‘Wudu’ (ablution), which was ritual washing typically performed by Muslims before prayers.

“I did not recognize the assailant, but my friends say he is from the 2013 batch. Bunda was taking on ablution for her ‘Asar’ prayers when we suddenly heard her screaming from the bathroom,” Runa was quoted saying.

Another student, known as Doni, said Roymardo’s poor marks that were given by the victim as of late was most likely the motive behind the killing.

“In the past, Roymardo had been caught with a girl in a bathroom. And so Bunda had given him poor assessments ever since,” he said, describing the murder as an act of revenge.

The suspect, who reportedly fled the scene after stabbing the lecturer multiple times in the neck, was detained by the police not long after the attack.

Doni also said he was surprised by the murder as the perpetrator was a popular student on campus.

Last Friday, police in the Bengkulu province found the body of a 14-year-old junior high school student who was believed to have been a rape victim.

He naked body was found in a ditch some three days after she was killed.

The discovery lead to the arrests of 12 out of 14 men who were believed to be involved in the rape.