Indonesia: Police shoot French ‘troublemaker’ in Bali after officer’s fatal stabbing
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Indonesia: Police shoot French ‘troublemaker’ in Bali after officer’s fatal stabbing

AFTER fatally stabbing a police officer in Bali, Indonesia, a French former mixed martial artist was shot dead while resisting arrest on the resort island.

Bali police chief Maj. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto said Amokrane Sabet was shot during a scuffle on Monday in front of his rented villa in Badung.

Sugeng said police had received complaints from residents who described the 49-year-old Sabet as a violent troublemaker.

He said Sabet, whose tourist visa expired last September, brandished a knife when police and immigration officers came to arrest him.

Sabet was reported to have chased the officers and repeatedly stabbed a policeman who fell to the ground. Sugeng said police shot him after he ignored warning shots.

“We gave him warning shots. The perpetrator stabbed one of our officers in several places. He ignored our warning shots so we shot him,” he was quoted saying.

According to The Jakarta Post, the authorities had wanted to take the deceased into custody following several reports of trouble-making behavior and misconduct.

One of the arresting officers, Anak Agung Putu Sudi, 39, succumbed to his wounds after being stabbed eight times in the neck, thigh, and chest by Sabet.


Image via Facebook.

Sugeng said the French Consulate General was also notified of the matter before the attempted arrest on Sabet.

“He had been living in Bali for two years and he made a lot of trouble for locals, such as refusing to pay after eating at local restaurants,” he said.

He added Sabet was also known for refusing to pay for tourist facilities, which led him to being blacklisted in numerous places. He was also said to have issued threats to people and uttered profanities, apart from being a reckless driver.

A visit to Sabet’s Facebook site revealed a status update which was posted over 24 hours after his death. It was not immediately known who had made the posting.

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