Hong Kong sentences pro-democracy activist beaten by police to jail
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Hong Kong sentences pro-democracy activist beaten by police to jail

A HONG KONG court sentenced a pro-democracy activist whose beating by police was caught on video to five weeks in jail for assault and resisting arrest during the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests.

40-year-old activist Ken Tsang was found guilty last week of splashing a foul-smelling liquid on police officers. The liquid was said to have the odor of urine.

The incident took place at the height of street protests that gripped the city in October 2014.

Principal magistrate Peter Law Tak-chuen called imprisonment “absolutely appropriate” in this case, describing Tsang’s actions as a serious insult to the police officers.

“The defendant on one hand was angry at police for losing restraint,” the magistrate said, according to the South China Morning Post.

“On the other hand, he had similarly lost restraint in splashing an unknown liquid and causing harm to innocent police offices … It sounds ironic.”

After the sentence was announced and as the magistrate retreated to his chambers, many in the public gallery booed and shouted “Justice is dead.”

During the protests, a local TV station filmed police officers carrying Tsang away in handcuffs and then punching and kicking him in a dark corner of a public park during a pre-dawn clash over Beijing’s plans to restrict elections.

Seven officers are to go on trial this week over the beating.

Additional reporting by the Associated Press

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