Hong Kong: Drunken man plunges 3 floors while trying to climb into flat (VIDEO)
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Hong Kong: Drunken man plunges 3 floors while trying to climb into flat (VIDEO)

AFTER having an apparent late night out filled with heavy drinking, a German man fell several stories onto a luxury car on Tuesday while attempting to climb up to a Hong Kong flat where he lived.

Fortunately, the 42-year-old man, whose surname is Seiel, miraculously survived the plunge in the wee hours of the morning. He also did not suffer any serious injury as a result of the fall.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man fell from a drainpipe while trying to climb into his North Point flat, crashing into a signboard and a Mercedes-Benz parked below.

Security camera footage showed the man placing a 1.3 metre-long metal tube on the wall between two ground-floor shops at May Wei Mansion in Fort Street, North Point, shortly after 2am. He was then seen stepping on top of a bin to start his ‘perilous ascent’, the paper reported.

The ill-fated ‘climber’ was believed to have lost his grip before reaching his third-floor apartment and pummeled to the ground, with a shop signboard and a car bonnet breaking his fall before he bounced onto the pavement.

Viewers of the footage believe he was drunk due to his footing, which appeared unsteady as he walked into the sight of the camera.

In the SCMP report, a police source was quoted saying: “He was probably exhausted and then lost his grasp midway while climbing. He then tumbled down and damaged a signboard on the first floor and a car parked below.”

A shop worker who arrived at the scene later in the day noticed the damage and made a police report. The luxury car was parked there because it was being repaired at a workshop nearby.

Police had subsequently found the German at his rented third-floor flat. The man was taken to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan to have his injured leg seen to.

The owner of the YCH Treatment Centre massage parlour, He Yunshan, was compensated for the damage to the signboard after the man’s wife offered to pay for it.

“I called the police and they found the man very quickly,” she said. “The man’s wife said she will pay me back for the damage done to the signboard. She seemed to be a very nice person,” said He.

The man was not arrested because he compensated the signboard owner and garage operator, another source told the paper.