Chinese paper calls out British media ‘barbarians’ after queen’s remarks against officials
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Chinese paper calls out British media ‘barbarians’ after queen’s remarks against officials

A STATE-OWNED Chinese newspaper has hit back at the British media, likening some of them to “barbarians”, following Queen Elizabeth II’s remark on several “rude” Chinese officials.

Yesterday, the queen made headlines after she was heard describing a group of Chinese officials as “very rude to the ambassador” in a conversation which was caught on video during her birthday celebration in Buckingham Palace recently.

In an editorial column, The Global Times newspaper, which is considered to be a mouthpiece for China’s Communist Party, blasted the British media for what it claimed was an incident that was blown out of proportion.

The newspaper also said the British press had treated the footage as though it was “the most precious treasure”.

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Coverage of the Queen’s remarks were censored in China, although they were widely reported across the globe.

“The West in modern times has risen to the top and created a brilliant civilization, but their media is full of reckless ‘gossip fiends’ who bare their fangs and brandish their claws and are very narcissistic, retaining the bad manners of ‘barbarians’,” read the editorial which was translated by the AFP.

Touching on the manners of the British press, the paper said: “As they experience constant exposure to the 5,000 years of continuous Eastern civilization, we believe they will make progress”

However, the editorial said it “unthinkable” for British authorities to have leaked the royal footage on purpose

“If they had deliberately done so, that would have been truly crude and rude”.