Thailand: Motorcycle bomb blast in Songkhla kills one, injures 11
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Thailand: Motorcycle bomb blast in Songkhla kills one, injures 11

A MOTORCYCLE bombing attack in Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla on Tuesday evening has left one man dead and another 11 others injured, including a child.

The latest attack in the province is the second in the span of a week.

According to The Bangkok Post, the attack took place near the Thepha train station.

Police said they received information regarding a dubious-looking device attached to a mobile phone hidden on a motorcycle parked outside a sundry shop about half an hour before the blast. The bomb exploded after the officers arrived to inspect the shop.

Police also believe the bomb was remotely detonated with a transmitter.

The report named Chom Phetchamras as the man killed in the blast while the injured child was an 11-year-old girl.

Last Monday, the Chana railway station in Songkhla was the scene of a similar attack, which had killed a police officer and wounded another.

Police believe at least two perpetrators were behind the bomb attack on April 11 based on a review of the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage at the station.

Chana police station’s Colonel Komkrit Srisong said he believed more people were involved in the attack.

The Nation quoted him saying that 32 insurgency cases have taken place since 2004, which saw 13 officers killed and another 13 injured.

“Now insurgents stalk security officials on duty and implant their vehicles with bombs when they are parked,” he said, adding the target of the Monday attack was the site of a military conscription ceremony.