Rich Chinese man takes 8 robot helpers on shopping spree
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Rich Chinese man takes 8 robot helpers on shopping spree

A WEALTHY Chinese businessman in Guangzhou, China turned heads recently when he was seen shopping with the help of some robotic assistance – an entourage of eight robots, to be precise.

The middle-aged tycoon was photographed splurging on some jewelry, escorted by his mechanical personal assistants that carried his designer purchases, as well as his coat, bottled water, and a towel (just in case he broke a sweat from all the shopping).


Image via Facebook.

There were many, however, who were not impressed – Chinese media called the man a “tuhao”, which is a derogatory slang term used to refer to the newly rich who lack sophistication.

Netizens have also called the man’s flagrant show of wealth “embarrassing”.

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Robots are becoming a more common sight in China of late, particularly in the service industry – a restaurant in Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province, unveiled its shiny, new robotic wait staff on Saturday.

The robots are said to be able to take pre-defined orders and bring plates to customers’ tables. They are also said to be capable of doing the work of two humans. However, they can only move along a fixed path and can’t respond to customers’ requests the way a human server can.

So humans in the service industry need not worry – yet.

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