Japan mulls preventive measures after poor behavior of Chinese tourists during cherry blossom season
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Japan mulls preventive measures after poor behavior of Chinese tourists during cherry blossom season

JAPANESE media has urged their government to set up a special zone for Chinese tourists at popular attractions in order to control their poor behavior.

This suggestion comes as a response to the recent actions of some tourists from China during Japan’s famed sakura, or cherry blossom, season.

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A week ago, a Japanese TV station aired footage of Chinese tourists recklessly climbing up cherry blossom trees and picking the flowers, ruining the experience for other tourists, reported Huanqiu.

The program, which was called “The Chinese Way of Enjoying Flowers”, asked its guests to share their thoughts on the boorish behavior of such tourists, many of whom visited the cherry blossom hotspots of Ueno Park in Tokyo and Osaka Castle Park in Osaka.

The Chinese tourists were apparently seen climbing up walls and pulling on the fragile branches of the trees to get “picture-perfect” photos to share on social media.

According to Epoch Times, Chinese news site Sina reported that when interviewed for the program, one of the tourists said that Chinese people “love nature” and what they were doing was considered normal in China.

Another tourist told the reporter that cherry blossoms were a rare sight for them, which was why they wanted to bring the blossoms home as a souvenir.


Image via Netease.

One of the guests for the program said that the Chinese government should teach their citizens about the do’s and don’ts of tourist behavior, while the program’s host added that perhaps a designated picture-taking area should be introduced, so that tourists could still take photos, but under supervision.

Many Chinese netizens expressed their disapproval of their compatriots’ actions. A commentor on the Netease post said: “I feel ashamed just looking at these photos, what an embarrassment.”

However, there are those who feel that the media’s focus on the bad behavior of only Chinese tourists was unfair: “More than 5 million Chinese tourists traveled to Japan last year, but how many climbed up the trees? Did everyone behave that way? The foreign media is very biased.”

Another commented: “Every country has some uncivilized people, and while I don’t disagree that these tourists behaved poorly, we should not always focus on the Chinese.”