China: Elderly woman offers prayers to anime statue by mistake
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China: Elderly woman offers prayers to anime statue by mistake

THE resemblance of an online game character to an ancient god was so uncanny that an elderly woman mistakenly offered prayers to the action figure without realising it was a modern-day icon.

Photos of the bizarre incident outside an internet cafe in China emerged recently showing the lady stand in front of the life-sized model in an apparent act of devotion.

The woman was seen bowing and burning joss sticks to pay homage to the statue that resembled Lord Guan, an immortalised Chinese god, which represented a infamous Chinese General from the Three Kingdoms Period.


Lord Guan Yu, an ancient god in China. Image via Imgur.

Instead of the ancient god, the woman unwittingly worshiped Garen, a character in the free-to-play multiplayer game League of Legends which is very popular among youngsters in China.

According to Shanghaiist, the photos, which appeared to be retrieved from Close Circuit Television camera footage (CCTV), drew sympathy from many netizens.


Video game League of Legends character Garen. Image via Tumblr.

“I feel really sorry for her, probably her family ran into some unexpected trouble, and she is looking for help,” said one netizen.

Another netizen assured: “As long as your beliefs are sincere, then the true god will help you.”