Funny or offensive?: ‘Politically Incorrect’ map of Thailand draws mixed reactions
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Funny or offensive?: ‘Politically Incorrect’ map of Thailand draws mixed reactions

A ‘POLITICALLY INCORRECT’ map of of how Bangkok dwellers view the rest of Thailand has created a stir among netizens on social media.

Some of the users that came across the map, which went viral over the weekend, found it to be funny while others condemned it for its racial overtones.

The map outlines stereotypical perceptions of the rest of the country, according to those living in the capital.

Central states in the country were likened to ‘Monkies’, ‘Big Mountain’, and ‘The old capital’, while a state in the north east was dubbed the ‘Red Shirt’. The southern-most area of Thailand is labelled ‘Bomb! Motherfucker Bomb!’.


Some netizens saw humour in the map while others took offence.

The map does not spare Thailand’s neighboring countries either, describing Burma (Myanmar) as our ‘Most Hatred Enemy’ and Cambodia as ‘Ruins and Barbarian’.

According to local news website Coconuts Bangkok, one netizen called for the map to be taken down, calling it, “Racism! Please delete it from the internet.”

“It’s just a map that proves the ugly truth about the Thai stereotype of being racist. The map was made based on his opinion. It does not reflect our nation,” said another.

Although the original source of the map could not be determined at press time, a Facebook user Rackchart Wong-arthichart had posted it on his account on March 19, gaining over 6,300 reactions on the social networking site. The image had also received some 767 shares at press time.

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