New Oxford Brookes Sound and Light Student Society
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New Oxford Brookes Sound and Light Student Society

Department of Computing and Communication Technologies students at Oxford Brookes University have set up a new Sound and Light Society.

It was formed out of a growing desire for students to get more involved in the technical side of live music events. The society aims to create a network for both experienced technicians and novices, whilst helping to build industry connections. In creating such a network the society hopes to prepare people for working in the industry.

The society will operate on a freelance basis where opportunities will be shared through their Facebook page so members can choose which events they volunteer for. As the group is not funded any freelance work and support will be provided free of charge. Looking towards the future, the group hopes to provide professional training that would help qualify people to work in the industry.

Hugo Bucht, President of the society, commented:

I think the Brookes Sound & Light society has had a good start. It’s been quite a bit of work to get everything organized and running, however everything so far has worked out well. We get a lot of societies asking us handle the technical side of their productions and events, which is great, because we get to help people out by doing what we love.

Brookes Sound and Light Society is open to all undergraduates and postgraduates of any discipline.

Visit their Facebook page.

If you are interested in having Brookes Sound and Light Society support your event contact the President Hugo Bucht

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