Hong Kong students form new pro-independence political party
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Hong Kong students form new pro-independence political party

A GROUP of university students in Hong Kong have set up a new political party to aid the on-going movement to loosen China’s grip over the autonomous region.

Details of the Hong Kong National Party emerged on Twitter late yesterday evening with the release of a party manifesto that was said to have been published in a varsity magazine, calling for the secession from the mainland.

“We have set up this party because we want to harness the strength and energy from all walks of life in Hong Kong in our fight for independence.”

“We believe in concrete action. We will not rule out any methods of action. We are not after any moral high ground,” read the opening lines of the manifesto, entitled “Our 2047”, which was printed in the latest issue of Undergrads from the University of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong was granted a high degree of autonomy as special administrative region in China in 1997 based on the “one country, two systems” principle, but localism and varying living standards have created an anti-mainland sentiment among Hongkongers.

In 2014, Hong Kong was the stage of the massive Umbrella Movement protest which had called for electoral reforms.

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