China: ‘Uncultured’ tourists abuse cherry blossom trees for the perfect photo
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China: ‘Uncultured’ tourists abuse cherry blossom trees for the perfect photo

CHERRY BLOSSOM trees have become the latest victim in yet another incident involving Chinese tourists behaving badly.

The video above depicts two Chinese women shaking a cherry blossom tree in order to have its petals rain over them – all for the sake of the perfect photo opportunity.

In China, peak cherry blossom season lasts from March up to early April, which sees hordes of tourists tramping out to view the blooms.

Chinese news portal People’s Daily Online recently reported similar antics in Nanjing, east China.

In the article, they shared photos of separate incidents where people were seen abusing the trees just so they could get a pretty photo.

In one set of photos, a woman was seen clambering up the thin branches of a tree in high heels and damaging it, while another showed a man kicking a tree to get the petals to fall down.

The photos were posted by Weibo user dearpope, accompanied with the sarcastic caption:

“You really have to admire them. I feel ashamed to be living in the same city and walking down the same street with this kind of people. Didn’t your mother teach you how to behave?”


Pic: dearpope /


Pic: dearpope /

Netizens have reprimanded the tourists for their “uncultured” behavior. User senkohoe commented on the article, “These people should be arrested, charge[d] and prosecuted for causing nuisance, destruction of public property. This is not acceptable behavior!”

While commenter Jin said: “This is rightfull[y] called uncultured. Not uncivilized. People should learn to act civil. Be courteous and act with elegance. Climbing a tree is not for ladies with high heels! Please.”

Recently, footage of Chinese tourists getting greedy at a buffet in Chiang Mai, Thailand went viral, also earning the disdain of the public, especially as most of the food had gone to waste.