New film documents impacts of Fairtrade for female farmers in Ghana
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New film documents impacts of Fairtrade for female farmers in Ghana

(Photo courtesy of Dr Roy Maconachie)

Dr Roy Maconachie from the University of Bath’s Centre for Development Studies (CDS) has launched a new film to mark Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK . It highlights the impacts of Fairtrade for female cocoa-producers in Ghana and illustrates the significant challenges which remain in promoting greater gender equality in agriculture.

Drawing on the latest CDS research carried out in Ghana over the summer of 2015 with support from the British Academy, the film documents the enormous contributions made by women to the production and supply of cocoa, yet the fact that their role often remains under-valued and, in some cases, un-recognised.

It suggests that whilst women cocoa farmers contribute significantly to cocoa production, access to land, capital and markets often remains the preserve of men, substantially limiting women’s ability to reap the financial rewards of their efforts.

More should be done, the film suggests, to highlight the fundamental role women are playing, to raise awareness of the issue and to incentivise through Fairtrade certification.

Watch the film here:

On Ghana’s cocoa farms, Fairtrade is not yet working for women – Guardian coverage March 2016

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Dr Roy Maconachie is also Director of Studies for the Masters in International Development at the University of Bath.