Petronas’ latest Chinese New Year commercial is a real tear-jerker
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Petronas’ latest Chinese New Year commercial is a real tear-jerker

GET your tissues ready, as Malaysian oil and gas giant Petronas has just released its Chinese New Year commercial for 2016.

The ad, titled ‘Rubber Boy’, depicts a young Malaysian Chinese boy, Ah Hock, who blames his mother when his classmates taunt him, as she works as a rubber tapper.

In the short film, he lashes out at her after coming home from school, telling her to “work harder” so that he would not have to endure such hardships.

She responds by asking him to follow her to work the next day, and the boy later realizes just how difficult her day to day work is, prompting a contrite apology.

Cue the tears.

Over the years, Petronas has become well-known for its heartwarming and emotional commercials, often released in conjunction with Malaysia’s major festive seasons, such as Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya Aidilfitri, as well as National Day and Malaysia Day (yes, Malaysia has two separate days – one commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957 and another for the establishment of the Malaysian federation in 1963).

Petronas senior general manager of group strategic communications Zahariah Abdul Rahman told Bernama that the main message of the commercial was to ask Malaysians to count their blessings and appreciate their common values.

“For the past two decades, Petronas festive communications have always urged Malaysians to remain rooted in these values and the inclusiveness of all races,” she said.