Cambodia asks Interpol to help nab Facebook user for insulting PM’s wife
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Cambodia asks Interpol to help nab Facebook user for insulting PM’s wife

CAMBODIAN authorities have requested Interpol’s assistance in apprehending a Facebook user for allegedly posting a doctored photo that “damaged the honor” of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s wife.

After Hun Sen had posted a family photo from a recent holiday on his Facebook account, an edited version made its rounds on social media depicting his wife, Bun Rany, standing with her legs apart, which is considered highly inappropriate in Cambodian culture.


A screenshot of the offending Facebook post by user “Haknuman Leung”.

It is believed that Facebook user “Haknuman Leung” had been the original poster of the image, with the  accompanying caption, “What! Cambodia’s First Lady stands like that for photograph! Such a bad example for Cambodian women!” The post has since been taken down.

After coming across the image, Hun Sen posted on Facebook, accusing opposition activists of being responsible for the photo.

“It is deceitful and cheap behaviour for opposition activists who think that nobody is watching their acts … All actions that ruin my honor and my family’s honor, as a prime minister of a country, those must be held responsible before the law,” he wrote.


A comparison between the original photo (left) and the doctored photo. Pic via Cambodia Daily

Ministry of Interior spokesman Khieu Sopheak said on Tuesday that the ministry had contacted the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and was working with Interpol, as the poster was identified as a Cambodian who lived overseas.

“We are working with Interpol to issue a Red Notice for the person,” added Sopheak. The notice is the highest alert to Interpol member states to find and arrest a suspect, with a view to extradition, and is normally reserved for serious criminals.

Hun Sen is known to be fairly active on social media, but has previously warned Facebook users who insult him that they can be easily traced and punished.