Philippines mayor warns airport scam employees: ‘I will let you eat bullets’
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Philippines mayor warns airport scam employees: ‘I will let you eat bullets’

A DAY after an engineer was held for possession of bullets inside his bag while checking in at Davao International Airport, an angry Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned syndicates preying on unsuspecting passengers he will let them eat ammunition which he believes are planted by airport employees.

“It has been going on for the past 2 or 3 years. Many have been arrested but amicably settled (their cases). I won’t believe it anymore,” Duterte said, referring to allegations that airport employees are placing bullets in passengers’ baggage so that they can be extorted later.

He suspects there is a syndicate operating at the airport.

“My suspicions are that the bullets were planted inside the cargo hold. The only people allowed inside the cargo hold are airline employees,” the tough talking mayor explained.

“I just hope that you (police and airport employees) here that you are not involved in the syndicate. You better stop it,” Duterte said.

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“I will let you swallow the bullets. If they got stuck in your anus, I will have you operated and have your ass widened,” Duterte exclaimed in his patented colorful language.

Augusto D. Dagan was to fly to Manila Friday, October 30, after a visit to a bulk-water project in Davao City when he was stopped after images of two 9mm bullets were found in his travelling bag through the X-ray machine at the departure are of the airport.

He was brought by airport to the prosecution office for an inquest procedure.

The engineer has denied owning the bullets.

Duterte told city prosecutors to thoroughly look into the incident.

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“You better study the matter carefully because I was once a prosecutor,” Duterte said in his weekly television program ‘Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa’ (From the Masses, For the Masses).

The city mayor, who was widely expected to run for president but has repeatedly declined pressure to give the presidency a try, also called on President Benigno Aquino to put a stop to the airport mess.

The series of incidents involving the discovery of bullets inside the travelling bags of airline passengers has caught the attention of the international press.

The incidents, which included a young American who was detained for five days after he declined to pay P30,000 (US$640) in exchange for having the charges dropped, have gone viral and have led to a proliferation of embarrassing memes in the internet.

This led President Aquino to order a probe into the matter.