Enterprise work surges ahead with new business growth service
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Enterprise work surges ahead with new business growth service


Birmingham City University will be launching its new business support service in style this November, with the help of a major advertising campaign across Birmingham.

BCU Advantage, which is part of the enterprise work conducted by EIBE, is a business growth service which will provide businesses with easy access to knowledge and expertise from the University.

With the help of academic expertise and expert partners, BCU Advantage will help organisations from across the region to achieve their business goals by providing access to funding, supporting new product development, supplying business research and generating new business contacts. These services will be available through a new website: BCUAdvantage.co.uk.

Mark Smith, Director of BCU Advantage, said: “Our University does an awful lot of work with business, in any given week our academic colleagues, professional staff and students interact and add value to organisations across the globe. Whilst it’s good that we do have this reach, it’s also important that we have a consistent approach across the institution and a complete picture of the impact our shared work is having.”

One of the aims of the service is to improve how Birmingham City University communicates its offer to businesses, as well as demonstrating how the University community works together to provide solutions. Businesses will also be able to pick and choose the services that best meet their development aims.

Mark adds: “BCU Advantage will also play a role in augmenting the student experience by showcasing to businesses how student internships, placements and other employment opportunities can help to achieve their goals. We will also be working to raise the profile of individual members of staff.”

Looking to find out more? Visit BCUAdvantage.co.uk