Top 5 tips for the MA Interpreting and Translating (Chinese) interview
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Top 5 tips for the MA Interpreting and Translating (Chinese) interview

We spoke with Jane Francis and Miguel Fialho from the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath to find out their top tips for the interview stage of the MA Interpreting and Translating (Chinese) application process. Here’s what they said:

Tip 1: Show us your personality

We want to interview applicants who are confident, lively and dynamic, but more than anything we want to see the real you. We’re looking for aptitude to show that you can become a professional interpreter.

Tip 2: Keep up to date with current affairs and news

Knowledge is key in the interview, reading will help keep you up to date on news and current affairs in the UK and China.

Tip 3: Show us your language talent and pronunciation

During the interview we’ll ask you to speak about a topic for 2-3 minutes. We want applicants to react quickly but think logically, and show us their language talent, pronunciation and expression. We’re looking for substance and for applicants to present their ideas in a coherent and concise way.

Tip 4: Be yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not or impress us for the sake of impressing us. We don’t want to interview applicants who are too rehearsed with their answers.

Tip 5: Be honest, not everyone is cut out to be an interpreter

You need to have certain qualities to be an interpreter, and if you don’t have these qualities you might be better off doing something else.

The programme at Bath prepares you for a career in interpreting and for the job market, however if you can’t see yourself with a career in interpreting don’t pretend because you want to come to Bath. The programme is intensive and working as an interpreter is a highly pressurised job. You need to think carefully before you embark onto the programme, is this what you really want to do?

You can apply for MA Interpreting and Translating (Chinese) from the beginning of November. You can also find out more about our new programme MA Translation with Business Interpreting (Chinese) here.