MSc International Money & Banking at the University of Bath
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MSc International Money & Banking at the University of Bath

If you are interested in working as an analyst or advisor in a bank, financial institution, insurance company, central bank or ministry of finance, then the MSc International Money & Banking offers excellent preparation for your future career.

The MSc International Money & Banking at Bath is a one-year, full-time masters programme that focuses on the use of advances economics, quantitative methods, finance and banking theory in the understanding of the functions and problems of the international money markets and financial institutions.

You need to have strong mathematical and quantitative skills to apply, but a first degree in economics is not essential and many applicants are graduates in relevant areas such as business or even sciences or engineering.

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Here’s what our Graduates say:

“I enjoyed the flexibility that we are given in choosing units to study. Options are available not only from the Department of Economics but also the School of Management. I chose finance-related units for my first semester, and then more economics-based units in the second one, which provided me insight into the rationale behind the development and growth of various countries, as well as problems such as efficiency and social inequality. The flexible combination allowed me to choose what I wanted to learn.

What would I say to someone considering studying the programme here? If you are determined to do an MSc degree and you believe that utility curves are interesting, or exchange rate mechanism is a lot of fun, or Econometrics is not boring, then this programme is your thing!”

Xiaoli Cong, MSc International Money & Banking graduate, 2014

You can watch our MSc International Money & Banking film here.