Why should you study business?
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Why should you study business?

In this modern day economy, many of the economic boundaries that once separated us have faded, and those that still remain are guaranteed to shrink. It is our growing reliance on technology that is causing these boundaries to fade because computerised communication allows us to transfer information pretty much instantaneously; marketing, outsourcing, sales and manufacturing are all business fields that thrive as a result of the ‘Digital Age’. Expanding networks of global financial institutions have greatly reduced the currency challenges that businesses previously faced, and expanding distribution systems, supply chains and transportation hubs have simplified the process of delivering a product. The exciting realm of business is evolving with our increasingly globalised world, and educated business professionals are serving the needs of more and more satisfied customers all across the globe.

All over the world, business is one of the most popular fields of study at higher education level. Business graduates are incredibly sought after because it is a qualification that touches on more or less every factor of modern life. This is the reason why studying business can lead to such amazingly diverse career opportunities, and also why business graduates are often so highly paid.

For someone who dreams of working in industry or becoming an entrepreneur, a degree in Business Studies is of course an obvious choice, but that’s not to say they are the only ones who should delve into the business world. It is important for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of the way these companies work; after all, the scientific, education, medical and government sectors are all effectively businesses.

If you still feel the subject is of little interest to you, have you ever considered you role as a product or service consumer? Because it is this very role that confirms you as a functioning cog in the well-oiled machine that is business.

Institutions across the world have a huge number of business degrees on offer, and all of them provide specific specialisations and benefits, so it’s important for you to thoroughly research before selecting your program. No matter what course you choose, there’s one thing we know for sure; in an increasingly globalised society, an internationally recognised business qualification will open doors to industry all over the world, and no matter where you choose to settle, it will greatly enhance your employability.

Keep Your Options Open

One of the major benefits of choosing to study business is that it gives you the opportunity to define your ambition. If you aren’t planning to work in any particular industry, a more general degree in business would be valuable and worthwhile. The sheer breadth of the disciplines that are covered in the subject (such as economics, finance, marketing, human resources, management, strategy and law) gives you the chance to explore various fields before finding the one that interests you most.

Studying business means you could potentially work in any field because the processes learned are applicable to every business- but they are also applicable to everyday life. Learning about accounting and finance will result in the savvy management of your own personal account; whilst subjects like marketing and business law will make you wise to the business ‘Wolves’ that really just want to rip you off. Not only are there countless benefits from studying this subject, but they are benefits that will last a lifetime.


Pic: University of New Haven

Pursue Your Interests

We all know that everyone performs better when they are doing what they love, and that’s why it’s important for you to dedicate your time to subjects that genuinely interest you.

After mastering the basics of the subject, you may decide to go further down the path of education to study a Master, and maybe after that you could do a PhD. It doesn’t matter where you choose to end your academic career because the simple fact that you pursued it makes you desirable to potential employers.

Business is Universal

The business career ladder is one that will take you all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are; look around you-business is undeniably booming.

The majority of the world’s governments view corporate bodies literally as living, breathing “bodies”; and since these “bodies” are in the business of life-improvement, it is fair to say that they are integral to the way modern society functions. Your local hospital is a business and it’s providing you a service; your favourite supermarket is a business that provides you with a wealth of products; even your smiley bin-man is deep in his field of business- these industries are present all over the world and without them, society as we know it could not exist.

If you’re thinking about a career in business then the best helping hand you can give yourself is a high quality education at a respected and reputable institution. A good qualification will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge you need to succeed in business. Read on for more information on some of the leading institutions worldwide offering students a first-class business education:


UNH’s is among the top 5% of business colleges worldwide with the AACSB-Accreditation. The College of Business offers students a Top 5 education and experiential learning opportunity. Undergraduates can choose from Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Marketing to Sports Management and many more. Programs available for graduate students include MBA with multiple concentrations, M.S. in Sports Management, M.S. in Healthcare Administration, M.S. in Taxation and MBA/MPA dual masters. Recognized as a leader in experiential education, the University offers students a unique of solid liberal arts education and real-world hands-on experiences. Read the full profile…


Birmingham City University (BCU) is located in the UK’s second largest city, home to 65,000 students. Students are at the heart of everything at BCU, with superb courses, high-end facilities and first-rate staff to provide them with the best opportunities for future success. Birmingham City Business School is a leading, practice-based international business school that has been educating professionals since 1843. It offers over 40 highly innovative undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are tailored to the requirements of both the student and the industry. Every year, 87,000 new business graduates enter the competitive job market; a business degree from Birmingham City Business School will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Read the full profile…


A world-class institution dedicated to educating the business leaders of tomorrow, theInternational University of Monaco (IUM) is renowned for its global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and humanistic approach. The learning process at IUM centres on rigorous yet accessible tuition which is complemented by active learning participation. All graduate students are encouraged to go beyond the theories taught in their lectures by engaging with society and using their new skills in real-life situations. Dedicated to equipping students with the skills and expertise they require to succeed professionally, IUM offers a comprehensive range of BA, MSc, MBA, DBA and Summer programs.


Students who choose James Cook University Brisbane will be joining a university community recognised for excellence in learning innovation, cutting edge Work-Integrated Learning programs and support systems especially designed to enhance the university experience and improve learning outcomes. Their philosophy is to produce employer preferred students who are work ready graduates, having benefited through smaller class sizes, readily available lecturers and individualised support. JCU courses give students opportunities for hands-on experience from internships, vacation placements, and real-world projects with business, industry and government organisations, to field trips in the natural environments of northern Queensland.


The University of Glasgow has been educating and inspiring students for over 560 years.Adam Smith Business School, named in honour of the influential 18th-century Scottish economist, offers a broad choice of subjects, excellent teaching standards, superb facilities, an international reputation, high graduate employment rates and a top-quality student lifestyle in a great city location. ‌The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School celebrates the legacy of Adam Smith by developing enlightened and enterprising graduates and delivering internationally recognised research with real socio-economic impact.