Thai police offer $28,000 for info on Bangkok blast suspect, release sketch
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Thai police offer $28,000 for info on Bangkok blast suspect, release sketch

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is appealing to the main suspect who appears in the security video at the shrine around the time of Monday’s bomb blast to surrender because he says “he might get killed to stop him from talking.”

Prayuth told reporters: “If the person wants to be safe, he should turn himself in. Officials will find a legal way to provide him with safety. It’s better than living in hiding. It would make his life miserable.”

Prayuth added: “I want to tell those close to the suspect to tell him to come to police, whether you are in the same network or not, because he might be in danger.”

Prayuth also says that the man must have been hired to plant the bomb that killed 20 people on Monday evening at a busy Bangkok intersection.

Thai police say they have called two or three people, mostly foreigners, for questioning as they search for the main suspect seen in security video carrying a backpack at the Erawan shrine shortly before the Monday evening explosion that killed 20 people.

Police spokesman Lt. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri says an arrest warrant for the unidentified suspect would be issued soon. He says “hopefully, he is still in Thailand.”

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He also says others wanted for questioning are people seen in the security footage at the shrine.

National police chief Somyot Poompanmoung says anybody who appeared in the security footage around the time of the blast is considered a suspect.


A policeman photographs debris after Monday’s explosion in central Bangkok. Pic: AP.

He told reporters Wednesday that the suspect did not work alone. He says “they work as a network, know how to escape. Not one person can do this.”

He added that there must be some Thai nationals involved, and they are not 100 percent certain that the man in the video is a foreigner and he could have been in disguise.

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Thai police are offering a reward for information on bombing suspects.

Police spokesman Lt. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri said in a tweet that 1 million baht — equivalent to $28,080 — is being offered for any word on bomber or bombers suspected of planting the explosive device.