Studying MA TESOL in the UK at the University of Bath – part 2
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Studying MA TESOL in the UK at the University of Bath – part 2

Here at the University of Bath we spoke to three Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages students, John, Elsie and David, and asked them about their TESOL experience at Bath. Here’s part 2 of our interview:

What were your first impressions of the city of Bath?

David: Bath is a historical city. It’s got a lot going on, it’s small, you can get around and you know everyone.

Elsie: My husband is currently studying the MBA at the University of Bath so we live in halls of residence in the city centre. It’s nice to be able to walk everywhere in the city.

David: That’s a good point, Bath’s got everything in miniature. It’s got a theatre, good pubs, good restaurants, good sports facilities, a premiership rugby club; it’s very famous for rugby!

What’s your favourite thing about the University of Bath?

Elsie: It’s quite small compared to my undergraduate university, so it’s really nice to be able to walk from one end to the other and run into people that you know. We run into each other all the time!

David: All the time! The good thing about it is everything is in one place. For example I play for a football team for a department, I work here in the Academic Skills Centre on campus, I’m studying MA TESOL in the Department for Education, you get to know people from different parts of the university.

Would you recommend MA TESOL to other students?

John: I think having teaching experience is preferable to study MA TESOL. You can still apply if you don’t have any experience as long as you have a really keen interest in teaching, education, cross-cultural studies, language awareness and language education. If you’re interested in these, I would definitely recommend the programme at Bath.

Elise: I would recommend the programme to people who are interested in understanding the theory behind language teaching and language learning.

David: In some ways I wish I had done the MA TESOL before I had started teaching because I’ve got a lot out of it. I’ve reflected a lot on things, I’ve learnt techniques, I can research and apply this into a PhD. Whatever your experience is I would recommend it to anyone.

John: Studying the MA TESOL might not be as useful as a certificate in TESOL, but I would argue and say after studying your MA, you know more about why. You view education, teaching and learning in a bigger picture, that’s a real benefit for your longer career.

What piece of advice would you give to masters students before studying TESOL?

David: Come with an open mind. It’s going to be a tough year and an enjoyable year, both at the same time. And have a break before you start your programme! I finished work on the Friday and started MA TESOL on the Monday so I was quite tired. Enjoy the breaks when they come.

Elsie: Make an effort to get to know your classmates and your tutors. Tutors are friendly, knowledgeable, approachable and have a lot of insight.

John: Read the brochure and research online. Learn what the units are about and reflect on what you really want to learn and get out of your year.

Find out more about the MA Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages (MA TESOL) programme at the University of Bath here: