Hackers target website of extremist Burmese monk Wirathu
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Hackers target website of extremist Burmese monk Wirathu

Hardline Burmese monk Wirathu is in the market for an IT expert after his popular website was targeted by hackers at the weekend.

The list of possible culprits for the online attack is a long one, with the 969 movement leader’s hardline anti-Muslim stance earning him a spot on the front cover of TIME magazine above the headline: ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror’. He has also been described as the “Bin Laden of Buddhism”.

The Myanmar Times reported Wednesday that the hackers said they attacked the website as a stance against religious extremism. Wirathu pointed the finger of blame at Chinese atheists.

“They said they hacked my blog because it posted wrong news. In fact, they hacked it because I posted news about China. They objected to my June 26 post titled, ‘Don’t do ridiculous things,’ and they struck the next day, targeting only that post. I believe they are Chinese atheists who object to the publication of news about China,” he said.


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Wirathu, who said that all the data on the site is gone, said he is looking for an IT expert to help him recover the lost information.

The monk’s extremist far-right, anti-Muslim stance is widely blamed for contributing to the Rohingya crisis in Rakhine state.

His vitriolic outbursts regularly make the headlines. He attracted international condemnation earlier this year when he described UN’s special rapporteur for human rights in Burma, Yanghee Lee, a ‘bitch’ and a ‘whore’ during a public speech in Yangon.