Japan’s record-breaking grapes sell for $315 each
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Japan’s record-breaking grapes sell for $315 each

A bunch of grapes sold at an auction in Japan’s Ishakawa prefecture for a record 1 million yen (US$8,200) Thursday, almost doubling last year’s record price of 550,000 yen.

With just 26 grapes in the bunch, each one was worth about 38,000 yen (US$315) and weighed at least 20 grams – about the size of a ping pong ball.

The Ruby Roman grapes will be served at the restaurant of Hotel Nikko Kanazawa, in the prefecture’s capital city, in the coming days, so there’s still a chance to sample them if you can rise to the exorbitant price.

A room at the hotel on Saturday night would set you back about US$260, significantly less than a single grape’s cost price.

Still, hotel chef Masayuki Hirai, who made the purchase, thinks it was worth it, telling Japanese national broadcaster NHK that he wanted to the world to know about the good things in Ishikawa.

Japan is famous for its expensive foods. In 2010 a giant tuna fetched US$177,000 at Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji market, outdoing the US$220,000 tuna sold there in 2001.

In May, two Yubari melons sold for US$12,400, which was quite a bargain compared to the pair of melons auctioned for US$20,670.