Hong Kong University council member’s ‘dive’ triggers online ridicule
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Hong Kong University council member’s ‘dive’ triggers online ridicule

By Fergal Barry-Murphy

It looks like Hong Kong has a new meme after a Hong Kong University council member took a questionable ‘dive’ after about 100 protesting students stormed a meeting at the university Tuesday night.

The incident occurred after the council voted 12-8 to stall the appointment of an administrator who supported last year’s pro-democracy protests.

Council member Lo Chung-mau fell down during the commotion, claiming he was hit in the knee. Images and videos circulated online show Lo lying on the ground clutching his knee despite there appearing to be little or no contact.

The video below shows the incident, though there doesn’t appear to be that much going around Lo when he goes down.

It’s little surprise then that Hong Kong netizens are crying foul, and posting images like this:


Image via Ywl Wan’s Facebook account.

While netizens are enjoying the lighter side of the incident, students at the prestigious university say its academic freedom is under attack in what they maintain is the politically motivated stalling of the appointment of former law school dean Johannes Chan, whose appointment to pro-vice chancellor has been stalled for months.

University President Peter Mathieson put forth Chan for the post last December but the university’s governing body, which includes several loyalists to China’s central government, has so far blocked his appointment.

The law school’s research record under Chan also has come under attack from a Communist Party-controlled newspaper.

Chan was quoted as calling the decision “laughable and sad”, while student leaders have threatened to escalate protests if Tuesday’s decision is not reversed.

We’ll be keeping an eye on developments. Meanwhile, here are some more ‘dive’ pics from the web:


Image via Golden Forum.


Image via Golden Forum.


Image via Golden Forum.