22,000 Chinese men sign up to donate sperm on Alibaba
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22,000 Chinese men sign up to donate sperm on Alibaba

There’s nothing you can’t get on Alibaba these days. The Chinese e-commerce giant’s move into healthcare and, yes, sperm donation services piqued the interest of Chinese males looking to make some cash on the side.

More than 22,000 Chinese men jumped at the opportunity to donate their sperm via the group buying site and make up to US$805 in the process.

The offer, which ran from July 15 to 17, proved a massive hit with 22,017 men signing up for sperm donations at one of seven sperm banks nationwide.

China Daily reports that donors only had to give “their name, last six digits of their ID card and email address to complete registration, avoiding an embarrassing first visit. Each volunteer will receive a subsidy of between 3,000 and 5,000 yuan (US$483- 805) following their donation.”

Donors do, however, have to pass a physical check-up before they are accepted.

Alibaba’s move into health services also resulted in some other unlikely purchases. More than 100 people bought paternity test kits through the online retailing giant, while another 4,060 people purchased sperm motility test kits.