Choose a one year GCSE programme at Oxford Tutorial College
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Choose a one year GCSE programme at Oxford Tutorial College

 The One Year GCSE Programme enables students not only to secure the qualifications they require to progress to more advanced studies in the UK or overseas but also to acquire the essential academic skills they need to make a success of their further studies.

At Oxford Tutorial College, students need to be 15 or over with an IELTS level of 5+ or equivalent and have successfully completed year 9. The course takes one year to complete and has a maximum class size of 10. The annual tuition is £19,980.

The syllabus encompasses a core GCSE curriculum of Mathematics, English Language, Information & Communication Technology, Science and Business Studies leading to the award of five GCSE qualifications. Additional support lessons are provided in academic English and IELTS preparation.

Within a stimulating weekly programme, students also develop and extend their creative skills through options in Music, Design, Debate and Drama and there is also a varied sporting programme making extensive use of the many facilities within the City and University of Oxford.

Oxford provides the perfect setting for both academic and social programmes. Definitely the most charming city in England.” (Ren Wang)

Every student is individually mentored and encouraged by their Personal Tutor who ensures that each individual is advancing both academically and personally, and provides their parents with regular updates on students’ progress and development.

Choose Oxford Tutorial College:

  • Expert teaching with over 50 A levels to choose from
  • High 2:1 student to tutor ratio
  • In-sessional language support
  • Bespoke one year GCSE and A levels programmes
  • One to one tuition available
  • Flexible intakes (every Monday for some courses)
  • Personal tutoring to monitor and enhance academic progress
  • Supportive pastoral care
  • Student university destinations include: Oxford University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics and many more.