Cambodian cinema puts brakes on ‘Furious 7’ competition
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Cambodian cinema puts brakes on ‘Furious 7’ competition

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP) — A cinema chain in the Cambodian capital has apologized for what it called a “Fast & Furious Competition,” which was criticized for encouraging participants to drive fast and post online photos of their speedometers.

Legend Cinemas had launched the competition ahead of the April 13 release of Hollywood franchise film “Furious 7” in Cambodia.

It posted a message on its Facebook page Thursday that called on drivers of motorcycles and cars to photograph their speedometers and post pictures with the tagline “I’m the fastest like #Fast&Furious7.”

A spokeswoman for the cinema said Friday it drew so many complaints that they pulled the campaign within two hours.

“We do apologize (for) our Fast & Furious Competition,” Legend Cinemas wrote in a new message later Thursday.