Living with Law Students
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Living with Law Students

‘Three Law students move into a flat in Hamilton,’ sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke.

But who’s really laughing when we get to split textbook costs three ways? Lecture notes are passed around, because we all understand that law lectures are heavy, and if you happen to drift off, I have your back.

We all have to study at the same time, which means we can party at the same time too. So while the situation may sound more like a bad sit-com, living with Law students is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I enjoy Law. I am constantly fascinated at the type of issues that get taken to court. Studying Law is equal parts rewarding and challenging. But I’ll be the first to admit, 90% of the time I have no idea what is going on.

Studying Law is like paying to go to the pools, voluntarily diving in the deep end and then remembering you don’t know how to swim. Luckily at Waikato there is a large group of supportive students and staff who really want you to learn to swim.

Everyone understands that it’s a lot to take in, and so long as you are doing the work, no one seems to mind taking the time to help you out. We all know how it feels. We’ve been there.

From the late night study sessions to early morning lectures, Law students are always busy. Or it seems like that anyway, especially in a flatting situation. You wake up in the morning and make yourself a coffee. Either that or you are woken up to the sound of your flatmate making a coffee. Coffee is the sustenance of Law students. We even get a discount on coffee at the campus coffee shop with our Law Student Association Cards. You can look around the lecture theater and count at least a dozen students drinking coffee at any given time.

The other thing Law students are good at is talking.

I understand that this is a quality inherently associated with Lawyers, but the students could give them a run for their money. Everyone is always talking. Our Law committee members frequently steal a good five minutes of the lectures to tell us about upcoming events.

We have a mentoring program that ensures no first or second year law student has to struggle through it alone. No matter where you go, someone is always willing to help you out. Whether it’s letting you know which tutors are the best, helping you find a book in the Law library, or just giving you directions.

With all that’s going on us Law students have to stick together. Whether that is flatting, study groups or just hanging out. I want to see my flatmates pass just as much as I want to see myself pass. I don’t want Law school to feel like a chore and at Waikato it really doesn’t.

Joanne Tasker

Year 2 Bachelor of Laws Student, Waikato Faculty of Law

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Te Piringa – Faculty of Law University of Waikato has also strong connections with a number of universities throughout the world.