Food (and nutrition) for thought
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Food (and nutrition) for thought

When you think of food science, you might immediately think of some of Heston Blumenthal’s crazy culinary creations that blend the art of cooking with scientific techniques. However, food science is much, much more than that.

Someone with a qualification in food science could be involved in almost any aspect of food production and human nutrition. In the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science at the University of Adelaide students learn how to design, formulate, produce and package every day and specialty foods with specific functional and nutritional properties, and learn the importance of developing a sustainable, nutritious and healthy food supply.

Career opportunities for graduates in food science and nutrition range from quality auditing, new product development and public health nutrition. A pre-dietetics pathway is included in the program for those wanting to pursue becoming an Accredited Dietician in Australia through completion of an additional Honours or Masters program.

While there is a core of scientific knowledge taught, the program is highly practical and students largely learn hands-on. Adelaide is ideally placed for the study of food with its gourmet culture and proximity to many wine producing regions. Students get to immerse themselves in this world and gain valuable industry experience through camps and placements throughout the program.


Image credit: Rexness (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If a career in food science or nutrition interests you, you can learn more about the program and career opportunities using the following links: