China bans books by pro-Hong Kong protest author
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China bans books by pro-Hong Kong protest author

BEIJING (AP) — Publishers and bookstores say Chinese authorities have ordered books by Chinese-American scholar Yu Ying-shih to be removed from sale, as Beijing expresses displeasure with a writer who has shown support for pro-democracy movements in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

It was not possible to immediately confirm the ban, believed to be an oral directive from government regulator State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

But the manager of a bookstore in the eastern city of Ningbo, who refused to give his name because of the matter’s sensitivity, said Tuesday he was ordered to pull Yu’s books off shelves. At least two of three major bookstores in Beijing said they were no longer carrying Yu’s books.

A major publisher confirmed the ban with the English-language newspaper South China Morning Post.