Blog on hiatus
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Blog on hiatus

As of today, the blog is going on hiatus for a minimum of 3 months.

Q. Why?
A. There are a variety of reasons, but BP wants to state clearly the junta has not contacted BP. There have been no threats, warnings, or any communications by the junta or anyone else within the past 3 years. To be clear, if that was not broad enough, by communications BP means everything including in person, e-mail, telephone, fax, mail, social media etc. No contact or communication whatsoever.

Q. So unrelated to the coup and the junta?
A. Unrelated in the sense that there have been no threats or warnings. However, the constrained environment of commenting publicly about Thai politics in the immediate aftermath of the coup lead BP to rethink the future of the blog. This post-coup environment together with a non-blogging change of circumstances meant that it was time to put the blog into hiatus.

Q. So no posts at all?
A. For now, BP will phrase it as there will be no posts that offer any commentary by BP within the next 3 months UNLESS external events outside of BP’s control change things. Watch this space as there may be someone else under a different pseudonym who will blog here in the coming months. If they do start blogging, they are likely not to blog as frequently as BP (more likely 1-2 posts a week). They will also have a different style/tone than BP so it will not be strictly about politics.

Q. But BP will still be on Twitter, right?
A. The same,  i.e. no tweets that offer any commentary. However, whenever a post is made on the blog, an automated tweet is sent 1-60 minutes with the title and a link. Therefore, if someone else with a different pseudonym is blogging the @bangkokpundit twitter account will send out an automated tweet as per normal. The same applies for the RSS feed.

Finally, the e-mail – – and DM on twitter at @bangkokpundit – will still be operational.