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Training Day

The third day of the Trinity Western University Men’s Volleyball Goodwill Tour was a training day for the Spartans as they were hosted by the Tang Dynasty Developmental Team at the Shanghai Volleyball Training Center.

The Spartans and the Tang Dynasty Developmental team trained together at the men’s volleyball center, which had two full size Teraflex volleyball courts and a multi-purpose volleyball/basketball court, as well as full size meeting rooms, weight training facility and changing rooms.

TWU head coach Ben Josephson and TDDT coach Mr. Xin exchanged coaching philosophies while putting the two teams through a variety of drills. Mr. Xin put the Spartans and TDDT through defensive drills and instruction, while Coach Josephson focused on showing what the Spartans offensive systems and drills looked like.

“I’ve heard a lot about the Asian style of training, which is based on repetition, repetition, repetition. And it was really cool to see it first hand and to see what repetition really looks like,” commented Josephson about the value and educational experience of training with different cultures. “I learned the value of it and I want to apply it to our system of training. We saw the value of the training of repetition, but we also saw the practical element and how it affected the game and changes the course of a match. It was their ability at ball control verses ours, and the value of repetition was very evident.

After the morning training session the team had lunch at one of the Shanghai Training Center’s dinning commons, which was followed by a tour of the many individual sport training buildings.

“The training centers that are here are incredible. The opportunity to train with other elite athletes and eat in community and have six hours of training with dedicated sports scientists and weight training facilities is why countries that have these facilities and services are winning the Olympics every year,” commented TWU head coach Ben Josephson on the visit around the vast sport training grounds. “It was really cool for me to see and it was really cool for the guys to see the level of professionalism involved and it fires them up because they see how grand sport can be.”

Some of the buildings that the team and delegation toured were: the Aquatics Centre, which included four full size Olympic pools, water polo and synchronize swimming pools. As well as special training current pool.

The multi-purpose building, which was surrounded by a full size 400 meter track and housed a 10,000 plus square foot weight training facility as well as badminton, table tennis, a full size indoor soccer pitch and two full size beach volleyball courts – with heated sand.

Following the tour the Spartans and the TDDT used two courts to scrimmage each other with a variety of different lineups.

On what he found out about his team Josephson stated “We got exposed in some of the areas that we are weak in and some of our strengths were exposed as well. More importantly some of the things that we have been preaching as coaches maybe didn’t settle with our players. But now we have not played well because of those things, so we now have a really hungry receptive team who are ready to increase their fundamental skill level. Their skill and fundamentals were just better than ours.”

The group also had the chance to observe some of the latest sports science training systems at the Sports Science Building.

After the day of training the TWU Goodwill Tour group traveled back to the Bund in Shanghai for dinner and an evening walk in the warm tropical rain before returning to the Crown Plaza in Shanghai.


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