Inquire, explore, challenge, create: Research at Maynooth University
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Inquire, explore, challenge, create: Research at Maynooth University

Combining tradition and innovation

Since the 18th century, researchers and scholars at Maynooth have fostered a spirit of inquiry and scholarship rooted in the classical European tradition. That tradition of intellectual freedom informs the principles and values that make Maynooth University a uniquely scholarly and research intense institution.

As a scholarly community in the 21st century, we now work in diverse ways to inquire and explore, to challenge opinions, to create, disseminate and apply new knowledge, to prepare the researchers of tomorrow, and to engage with the problems and challenges that face modern society.

With this in mind, we have identified six thematic priority areas and associated strategic clusters in which Maynooth University academic staff are at the forefront of current scholarship:



People, Place and Environment

We face new challenges as our environment changes and as our cities grow. By combining social perspectives and environmental research with the power of information and geotechnologies, Maynooth University research groups are addressing the key societal challenges of the 21st Century. These include climate and environmental change; geocomputation and earth observation; spatial analysis; smart cities; migration, transnationalism and diaspora; and plants, crops and the bioeconomy.

Our analysis of the relationships between people and the environment allows us to devise more sustainable responses to a changing world.

Social and Economic Transformations

The rapid pace of societal and technological change is transforming how we live now and challenges us to design a future free from inequality. The transformations in our current world will drive change in how we educate, learn, do business, govern and build societies.

Maynooth University researchers analyse economic and social change. Through our work, we seek to provide a platform for an equitable and sustainable future. Research groups within this theme include: Business Innovation; Education, Learning Environments and Professional Practice; Markets and Financial Exchange; Policy, Law and Governance; Social Justice, Participation and Human Rights; and Sustaining Communities.

Human Health

In the 21st century, the prevalence of chronic illness, the emergence of new diseases and the persistence of recalcitrant global infections will demand innovative ways to combat disease. Research at Maynooth University is focused on understanding the fundamental aspects of health and disease.

Our research teams collaborate with international academics, healthcare providers and industry to explore unique aspects of human health at the molecular and cellular levels, discovering new ways to tackle disease, and to translate our discoveries into novel medicines, procedures and policies.

Research in human health is undertaken by five research groups: Health and Medical Technologies; Immunology and Microbiology, Neurobehavioural and Cognitive Science; Chemistry and Biology of Disease; and Global and Community Health.

Mathematics, Computation and Communications 

The way we work and live is being transformed by technological advances driven by developments in our understanding of the physical world and of abstract concepts such as mathematical structures. Our focus at Maynooth University is to explore the fundamental aspects of Mathematics, Computation and Communications and to apply theoretical advances to real world problems.

The areas we explore and the industries we support are wide ranging and our research expertise in mathematical approaches provides us with the tools to explore the quantum world, build failsafe software or extract meaning from big data.

Humanities in Practice: Sources Resources & Discourses

Human creativity, communication and invention provide a powerful record of human culture and society. By enabling and carrying out research on our rich heritage, we can build an understanding of past human cultures and the forces that shaped their development.

At Maynooth University, our humanities research is particularly involved in harnessing information technologies to facilitate new insights into human legacies and cultures.

Within our four research groups, we explore the source material of our social, spatial and cultural landscape, we develop the resources to make those materials available to scholars and policy makers around the globe and we interrogate such material in critical ways to enrich our understanding of ancient, contemporary and emerging materials.

Human Cultures, Experience and Creativity

How does our experience reflect our culture, language and creativity? And to what extent and in what ways do culture, language and creativity shape our experience?

Maynooth University is pioneering research into cultures and their contexts. This research is undertaken in three research groups: Change, Exchange and Transformations; Identity, Diversity and Values; and Performance, Practice and Interactivity. Our work explores our diverse identities from the perspective of the Humanities, leads the national debate in the Arts, and shapes the cultural context of everyday life.

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