Day 4 Visiting History
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Day 4 Visiting History

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The fourth day of the Trinity Western University Men’s Volleyball Goodwill Tour was a day to get to know the history of China first hand.

The Spartans hit the road early and left Shanghai for two hour flight to Beijing on China Eastern Airlines. TWU arrived to a sunny warm day in the Beijing, the cultural capital of China.

Upon their arrival the TWU delegations traveled by bus to the Great Wall of China. The Spartans spent three hours climbing and learning about one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

After the afternoon of becoming “True Men” on the Great Wall the group traveled to the center of Beijing and then to Tiananmen Square. The Spartans spent an hour in the Square and were stopped frequently for photo opportunities from the people who had come to visit the historic place.

The tour group then traveled to the Beijing Silk Market for some fun shopping.

After finding lots of great items the group hit the road again for a bus ride to Tianjin, where they arrived late in the evening and settled in for a night of rest at the Weston Hotel.

TWU will play Tianjin Polytechnic University tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. It will be the final match of the Spartans weeklong tour through China.