Tourist numbers in July increase vs tourist numbers in July fall
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Tourist numbers in July increase vs tourist numbers in July fall

NNT on August 15:

The Department of Tourism has noted a trend towards a recovery in tourism arrivals in Thailand with tourist numbers increasing 22.7% in July.

The Director General of the Department of Tourism said the tourist numbers to Thailand in July 2014 had increased by 22.7%, or 1,914,582 arrivals, compared to the previous month, and brought into circulation about 89,816 million baht, which was a good trend towards recovery.

The number of tourists in Thailand in the first seven months of the year from January to July 2014 reached 13,626,929, a reduction of 10.47% compared to the same time last year.

The Bangkok Post on August 12:

The number of international tourists arriving in Thailand in July fell 10.9% from a year earlier, according to data from the Department of Tourism, showing the industry has not recovered from the impact of prolonged political tension.

The lucrative tourism sector, which accounts for about 10% of the economy, suffered its biggest drop in visitors in June – the first full month after the army took power on May 22 in a bid to end tensions and get economic activity going again.

International arrivals in July totalled 1.91 million, compared with 1.56 million in June and 2.15 million in July 2013, according to data posted on the department’s website late Friday.

BP: Year-on-year is always the better indicator as some months are more popular than others so tourist numbers are still down 10% on the previous year. However, looking at the month-on-month numbers does suggest a recovery from the low point of June. As opposed to the standard yearly increase of tourist numbers, the figures for the first seven months of 2014 show that unless the numbers in the final five months are very strong, we will be looking at a decline. This isn’t going to help GDP figures….