The Maynooth Effect: Reflections of an International Student at NUIM
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The Maynooth Effect: Reflections of an International Student at NUIM

In September 2013, Jubin Pareek arrived at NUIM to take the one-year M. Sc. in IT Management programme. Having recently submitted his Master’s thesis, we asked him to share with us his thoughts about his time in Maynooth…

Working in a bank was fun. It is a glamorous job when you are 24 years old and you have money and a great life style. However there was something missing, and that was my student days and my dreams of doing a Masters degree abroad. Ireland was my dream since childhood without any proper reason. It was the Celtic music and the lush green landscapes which made a special place in my mind when I was in primary school.

On the date of May 1st, 2013, I gave up my job as a Process Developer and decided to follow my dream of coming to Ireland. I applied to NUI Maynooth. This was my only choice, as it was exactly what I was looking for when I thought about studying abroad. Along with the Masters of my choice, this town had a lot to offer including landscapes, history, a beautiful canal and, of course, some really awesome old pubs of Kildare County.

I received my acceptance letter a few days later and I started my preparations for Ireland. I am an over-organised person who prepares for everything in advance so that is exactly what I did. As soon as I got my acceptance letter, I applied for my visa and deposited the fees. Within a mere eight days I got my visa and I bought my flight tickets to Dublin.

On September 1st I arrived in Dublin Town. (That’s what they call it here, ‘’Town’’, even though it is the capital city and a large business, finance, and shopping centre. Taking the Airport Hopper bus and arriving in Maynooth was super exciting. All the green surroundings were exactly what I expected. I already had a house which I rented before coming, so I went there to drop off my stuff and, without wasting any time, I stepped out of my house to explore. And even as I write now, I am still exploring.

Every day in Ireland was like a new experience to me. I made so many new friends from all across the world. The Erasmus and Study Abroad exchange programmes are like multicultural festivals. The faces change with time but the spirit of it all remains the same. I travelled all across the country and I experienced landscape and nature which were breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. The people and the accent also change with every few kilometres travelled. Every second night spent in a pub with your friends is another memory to keep in the closet of your brain and which gives you a reason to smile on a lonely afternoon.

My Masters studies went great and now, as I look for a job somewhere in this country, I pray every day to get a job near Maynooth. This place is quite small and people know each other so well that it gives you a feeling of living in a big family.

In the end I would say that the experience on my Masters at NUI Maynooth was unforgettable. I got the education I wanted and needed, I made friends all across the world, and I also worked in the university, as a Student Ambassador in the International Office. So I feel like a part of this institution. Walking across the university’s south campus in the evening time, when the sun is setting and the lights are still not on, you will feel a connection between the ancient era and the modern world which combine together at this university. Every wall and every square has its own story. Nothing more can be said than to just come here and experience it for yourself.

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