Shocking footage of ‘Fijian fishermen being shot’ posted on YouTube
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Shocking footage of ‘Fijian fishermen being shot’ posted on YouTube

A graphic video has emerged on YouTube showing what appears to be the murder of four Fijian fishermen at sea. The video was uploaded to YouTube on August 17, though it is unclear when the apparent incident took place.

The four fishermen, who are seen clinging to to an upturned boat, are shot and left floating in the sea. It is unclear where the shots are being fired from, and the beginning of the video suggests there were at least three other vessels in the area at the time of the shooting.

The crew members on the vessel from which the video was taken appear to do nothing to save the men, and can be seen laughing and taking selfies after the incident. It was not immediately clear where the boat or its crew was from. One source close to the maritime industries told Asian Correspondent that, judging from the hull, the vessel could be a tuna service boat, used to collect tuna catches and return them to port. It is not unusual for such boats in Pacific waters to have international crews, with many coming from Asian countries.

The Fijian government has asked for Interpol’s assistance in the case. It is believed that the video was found on a phone left behind in a taxi in the Fijian capital of Suva.

New Zealand broadcaster TVNZ quotes one source as saying such incidents care commonplace in the Pacific:

Every second week we used to go and pick up dead people who had been either murdered or stabbed or died.

We have embedded the video below, which had gained over 33,000 views at the time of writing. WARNING! Please note that this contains extremely graphic, and as of yet unverified, content, especially after the three-minute mark: