Indonesian court: No proof of election fraud
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Indonesian court: No proof of election fraud


UPDATE:  Indonesia’s top court has rejected an appeal by losing presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto over alleged fraud in last month’s polls.

EARLIER: Indonesia’s Constitutional Court has said there is no proof to back presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto’s claims of “structured, massive, systemic” fraud in the July 9 election.

The court has also thrown out key parts of Subianto’s case ahead of today’s verdict, which is widely expected to go against the former general.

The Jakarta Globe reports:

The list of people eligible to vote in the July 9 presidential election, one of the main points of contention in Prabowo Subianto’s lawsuit to dispute the result of the vote, was carefully composed and played no role in any alleged election fraud, the Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday.

“The Final Voter List [DPT] was a bottom-up list, composed from the lowest to the highest levels in a certain time frame,” court justice Ahmad Fadlil Sumadi said, adding that if the losing presidential candidate had any complaints about the list, he should have come forward in the period the General Election Commission (KPU) had set especially for that purpose.

But because Prabowo’s legal team complained after the period to fix any problems with list, the court considered their argument “irrelevant.”

Earlier, police fired tear gas to disperse Subianto supporters trying to get close to the court hearing.

Witnesses say police fired the tear gas when protesters tried to get past barbed wire blocking a road leading to the court. Several protesters were rounded up and taken away by police.

Supporters of Subianto have described the police actions as “repressive”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this story which incorrectly stated that the court had ruled against Prabowo Subianto was credited to the Associated Press. We would like to clarify that the Associated Press were not responsible in any way for this error.