Former PM Yingluck returns to Thailand despite legal threat
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Former PM Yingluck returns to Thailand despite legal threat

Former Thailand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra returned to Thailand from a trip to Europe Monday, quashing speculation that she would remain in self-exile in the face of possible prosecution over her alleged mis-management of the country’s ill-fated rice pledging scheme.

The 47-year-old, who was forced to step down after a court decision in early May, was granted permission by the military junta to attend her brother Thaksin’s birthday celebrations in Paris in late July.

Yingluck flew into Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport Sunday night, within the schedule set by the junta. This video appeared on YouTube Monday, showing the former PM catching up with some grocery shopping.

Yingluck faces prosecution on charges of dereliction of duty for her role in the botched rice pledging scheme, which guaranteed rice farmers inflated prices for their crops. The NACC said estimated that the scheme caused 500bn baht (US$15.5 billion) in damage to the country.

Her lawyers have indicated that she will fight the charges. If found guilty, she could face a jail term as well as a five-year ban from politics.