Thailand: Some speech is divisive; some hate speech is allowed
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Thailand: Some speech is divisive; some hate speech is allowed

Retired Police General Visut Vanichbut* posts on Facebook:

“Translation: For me… I would choose “Mrs. Rose”. After helping her get out from the water, I would bring her to the junta. Once she is in jail, I would whisper to other prisoners that Mrs Rose defamed our father. Let’s get her heavily. Torture her until she is dead. Slowly is better. Guard of the page of Visut Vanichbut”

Translation: Image reads: Hypothetically, if these 5 living things were about to drown to death and if you could save one life who would you choose? Examples are: Somsak J of Thammasat University, Tung Jang Rai, Rose (the Thai girl who lives in Britain who has posted clips about the Thai monarchy and faces a lese majeste charge), Aum Neko (see here), and a dog escaping the heat.

2. Then you have an article from ASTV Manager fantasizing gang rape:


Khao Sod translates:

“[Mr. Jakrapob and Ms. Aum] will be bestowed to the inmates so they can provide intimate, wet happiness, with thrusts reaching up to their intestines,” the article wrote. “We expect that the pair will tour the entire prison and offer their bodily happiness to every prison section, from the first section to the death row section.”

The article then quoted a fictitious inmate as saying he is longing to be the first prisoner to have sex with Ms. Aum.

“Whenever I see nong [sister] Saran, or Aum Neko, I always feel aroused. Judging from her behaviour, I think she has a lot of weird and difficult sex positions. I will try to be the first in the line to have sex with her,” the fictitious inmate said as he masturbated, according to the parody piece.

Other parts in the article contain threats of gang-raping Mr. Jakrapob, who Manager ASTV has previously not-jokingly accused of being gay.

BP: The junta has warned people over divisive speech although they are largely focusing on reds and those with links to the reds or Puea Thai (like eating a sandwich in public, reading 1984 or holding up signs like “Long Live USA”). Rape and torture fantasies seemingly do not qualify. What is the standard that is being applied?

*See some of Gen. Visut Vanichbut’s background from this cable.