Hong Kong: Chicken off the menu at McDonald’s amid meat scandal
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Hong Kong: Chicken off the menu at McDonald’s amid meat scandal

Chicken nuggets and burgers are off the menu in McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong after a supplier in mainland was accused of selling expired meat.

An undercover investigation by a TV station alleged that Shanghai Husi Food Co. repackaged and sold meat past its use-by date.

The fast food chain said late Thursday that it “suspended relevant food ingredients” at Hong Kong outlets in light of the scandal surrounding Shanghai Husi Food. McDonald’s in Hong Kong confirmed that it had bought meat from the company, but insisted it didn’t come from the factory at the center of the scandal.

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Chinese authorities detained five Husi employees as the investigation continued.

The government of the semiautonomous Chinese territory said that imports of Husi products would be suspended.

The scandal took an international twist earlier this week when it emerged that Husi is a subsidiary of a U.S. company called OSI Group LLC. McDonald’s, however, seems unphased by the connection, with the Chicago Tribune reporting that, “McDonalds is sticking with OSI Group, the Aurora-based meat supplier at the center of a new food safety scandal in China, in contrast to its rivals that have chose to cut ties.”

Shanghai Husi Food Co. also supplies McDonald’s restaurants in China and Japan.