LIVE: Deadlock in Indonesia election as both sides claim victory
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LIVE: Deadlock in Indonesia election as both sides claim victory

IN BRIEF: Polls have now closed in today’s general election in Indonesia where Joko Widodo (aka Jokowi) and Subianto Prabowo are battling it out for the presidency. Widodo has claimed victory, saying: “Based on the quick count, Jokowi-JK has won.” Prabowo also declared victory on Wednesday afternoon. Official results results are not expected until after July 20.

*** All times local Jakarta time ***

5.16pm: Asian Correspondent blogger Patrick Tibke writes:

With both sides claiming an early victory despite close polling, partisan media outlets look set to report conflicting versions of ‘the facts’ based on favourable quick counts until the real count is complete (not before July 20). According to most reputable pollsters, Prabowo has lost the election by a narrow margin. What is key now is whether the old general will accept a likely defeat, or attempt to sabotage his way into power by rigging the vote count.

4.55pm: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called for restraint from both camps, asking them not to hold mass celebrations until official results are confirmed:

4.03pm: At this stage both sides have claimed provisional victory on quick count results, and both sides are calling for official vote counting to be closely monitored throughout the country. Many commentators are calling the deadlock worrying, if not dangerous. In the absence of a clear winner based on quick counts the result may not be known for days, or even weeks. Official results results are not expected until after July 20.  

3.44pm: Prabowo Subianto claims quick count data shows he has  “support and mandate” of the people, but will wait for confirmed counts before making an official declaration.

3.41pm: Speaking on Bloomberg TV Gerindra Party deputy chairman Fadli Zon dismissed quick count results pointing to a win for Joko Widodo, claiming that a victory for Prabowo will be revealed in the real count later on. Prabowo’s campaign spokesman, Mahfud M.D, also denounced Jokowi’s ‘victory’ on the basis of quick counts, making reference to a “cyberwar” waged by biased pollsters. “According to the quick count results from three pollster that we use, we win,” Mr. Mahfud said. “We urge [our] supporters to remain calm. There will be a manual count and we will use our data to compare all the results.”  

3.33pm: Prabowo Subianto’s Gerindra party claims via Twitter that they are in possession of quick count data showing Prabowo to be the victor. Meanwhile, a live band at Prabowo’s house plays a rendition of Queen’s “We Are The Champions”.


3.22pm: Financial Times correspondent Benjamin Bland tweets that the self-proclaimed Jokowi win is not a done deal:

  3.19pm: This year’s election has garnered a commendable 70 percent turnout of voters, not at an apathetic ballot by any measure. Jokowi declared winner on the basis of reputable quick count figures published by reputable think tank CSIS – who have analysed over 80 percent of the sample vote so far. 3.11pm:

3.07pm: Joko Widodo has claimed victory in today’s Indonesian presidential election, saying: “Based on the quick count, Jokowi-JK has won.” His opponent Subianto Prabowo has yet to respond.

2.47pm: All credible polls thus far indicate a victory for ‘Jokowi’ by a margin of up to six percent. Even the incredulous “joke” polls (so-called by film director Daniel Ziv) – such as the one conducted by Aburizal Bakrie’s virulently pro-Prabowo TV One – put Jokowi ahead with a 0.5% lead. No signs of a rigged ballot by forces loyal to Prabowo Subianto as of yet. Indonesian military out in force in preparation for election fallout, but Kopassus special forces/BIN – previously accused of conspiring to ensure a Prabowo victory – still yet to be heard from.

2.42pm: Presidential election candidate – and leader in most exit polls – Joko Widodo has called on the Indonesian people to ensure that no election fraud takes place:

I think now it’s time for us to guard the counting, from the lowest level to the highest, so that it’s clean and honest. We ask for the people of Indonesia to guard the purity of the people’s aspiration, and so that nobody can try to stain [it].

2.40pm: PDI-P chairwoman Megawati Sukarnoputri has claimed victory for Joko Widodo.

2.28pm: Many pro-Jokowi sources are already claiming victory, but there is still a long way to go:

2.20pm: It’s looking like #JokoWins could be the hashtag of the day in Indonesia with most exit polls putting Widodo ahead by more than 4 percent.

 2.11pm: Some quick facts: Around 190 million people were eligible to vote in today’s election in Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy. Votes were cast at almost 500,000 polling stations across 33 provinces.

1.57pm: We’re still relying on exit polls, but Joko Widodo looks to have the edge:

1.40pm: The polls have now closed and vote counting is under way across the country:

1.32pm: As we reported this morning there are fears of vote fraud in today’s election, but Election Watch reports that the counting is being closely watched:

12.10pm: Images of the two candidates casting their votes this morning:


Indonesian presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto casts his ballot during the presidential election at a Bojong Koneng polling station in Bogor, Indonesia, Wednesday. Pic: AP.


ndonesian presidential candidate Joko Widodo, popularly known as "Jokowi", and his wife Iriana show their ballots before giving their vote during the presidential election in Jakarta, Indonesia, Wednesday. Pic: AP.