Collaboration and Innovation: 3U Partnership
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Collaboration and Innovation: 3U Partnership

Introducing 3U Partnership

The 3U Partnership is a new and exciting development in Irish higher education combining the complementary strengths of Dublin City University (DCU), National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).  The goal is to form a deep and sustainable partnership which will enable the three universities to achieve much more together than as standalone institutions.

The partnership aims to provide new solutions across disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, business, arts, humanities and social sciences. A range of joint degree programmes will be developed as well as broadening the choice of options for students at all three institutions. The partnership will also work towards developing solutions to major issues in healthcare, sustainability, globalisation and technology. The 3U Partnership also aims to enhance the quality of learning experience through research in education and by sharing advances in best practice in teaching and learning.

Study with 3U

Two joint Masters degrees are currently on offer through the 3U Partnership – a Masters in Engineering in Healthcare Technologies and a Masters in Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management.

The Healthcare Technologies degree is designed for graduates with a strong background in electronics and computer technologies, and will provide them with advanced education in medically-relevant engineering technologies. They will be immersed in the cultural and professional ethos of medical and clinical practice. The programme will provide them with the relevant concepts, methodological tools and knowledge of medical legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks. This innovative programme will produce engineers capable of designing and developing electronic devices and systems for the medical and healthcare communities. These individuals will become flexible technologists who work in partnership with health services, hospitals, and indigenous and international companies in areas such as wearable sensors, MRI scanner technology and stroke and injury rehabilitation, to name a few.

The Masters in Humanitarian Logistics and Emergency Management provides training in disaster management arising from a need for appropriately trained personnel to work in areas affected by tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and major transport accidents. The organizations providing the first phase of disaster response need the capacity and capabilities to deliver goods and services quickly to those impacted by an event. The programme prepares students for roles ranging from project management, humanitarian logistics, research, management, emergency management, communications, and business continuity to monitoring, performance management, and evaluation. As the first in the world to combine the academic disciplines of humanitarian logistics and emergency management, this is a unique programme. Indeed, it was short-listed in the “Best New Course” category for the 2014 GradIreland awards.

3U International

A new 3U Pathway University Foundation Programme was recently    launched by the Partnership. This offers international students a vital bridge between the education received in their home country and the requirements they must meet to study at either NUI Maynooth or DCU. The programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for success at undergraduate level. It is also designed to develop English language proficiency, communication and study skills, as well as knowledge of the students’ chosen academic subject(s). It provides a guaranteed pathway to undergraduate study at either NUI Maynooth or DCU. On successful completion of the programme, students are awarded a Certificate in International Foundation Studies which is a 60 ECTS credit qualification from NUIM.

In addition, the 3U Partnership have also launched a suite of  pre-sessional English language programmes which are aimed at international students who have received an offer of undergraduate or postgraduate study at one of the partner institutions and who require additional English-language support. These programmes range in duration from three to 10 weeks, providing students with a tailored, intensive academic English language programme prior to the commencement of their academic studies.

3U Research

Combining the expertise of three higher education institutions, 3U is a catalyst for research innovation across a range of key areas.

3U Biomedical is a major initiative focussed on translational research to enable advanced treatments of diseases. 3U Biomedical will be a leader in translational research in cancer, diabetes, tissue engineering, proteomics, and neurodegeneration. Harnessing the combined expertise of scientists, engineers, clinicians and industry, it will develop new treatments and diagnostic techniques for major diseases.

3U Global Health is developing sustainable technologies to support community health in developing countries. Specific projects include solar disinfection of drinking water, which uses energy from sunlight to kill pathogens in water stored in plastic or glass bottles, and the development of mobile phone-based diagnostic and analysis technologies for the poorest communities in the developing world.

3U Future Developments

The 3U Partnership aims to cooperate actively in the delivery of a range of postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. A joint Master’s degree in Global Health is currently in preparation. In addition to co-teaching of undergraduate engineering students at DCU and NUIM, which is already underway, the intention is to extend this to other disciplines. Staff and student mobility between partner institutions will be supported and encouraged as well as strategic investment in new technologies for online and distance education to support co-teaching at multiple locations.

The 3U Partnership represents an exciting and innovative development in Irish and international third-level education. Click here to keep up to date with 3U news and events.