The vicious cycle of Thai politics continues UPDATE: Earlier diagram located
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The vicious cycle of Thai politics continues UPDATE: Earlier diagram located

UPDATE: A reader pointed out that they believed the original creator of the diagram was Chai-Anan Samudavanija from his book The Thai Young Turks which was published in 1982 (3 years before Likhit’s book). That reader, and another reader separately, have provided a scanned copy of page 1 of that book:

BP: It is essentially the same, but the above is what BP was originally thinking about in 2006 and also again in 2104 in the aftermath of the coup.

Original post below:

BP mentioned this after the 2006 coup although couldn’t find the image in the immediate aftermath, but a fellow blogger did:


Source: Netnapit Tasakorn 

BP: She also listed the source of the diagram which is a book from Likhit Dhiravegin (Thai Politics: Selected Aspects of Development and Change) printed in 1985. She also provided a quote which accompanies Prof. Likhit’s explanation of the cycle:

After a coup was successfully staged, the coup leaders would be in control for a period. Then a constitution would be promulgated out of political pressure, to be followed by an election. This could be interpreted as giving democracy a try or to give in to demands for an open system. After the election, a parliament would be in session with a government to be set up. Then conflict would occur and solution would not be available turning the whole process into confusion. It would reach a crisis which would render the government immobilized. In the state of near chaos, a military seizure of power in a coup would take place. Thus the process is complete after a while, the system would again be let loose by the promulgation of a constitution and so on.

In addition, below are screenshots from Sučhit Bunbongkān’s book “The Military in Thai Politics, 1981-86”, pages 2-3 which also mentions the vicious cycle:


BP: Since then, we have had three more coups and the vicious cycle continues. As the saying goes,the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Have the coups really solved Thailand’s problems? How will this one be different?

NOTE: Like with most posts recently, it is constrained as outlined in this post.