Narrow race, rising tensions in Indonesia
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Narrow race, rising tensions in Indonesia

Close finish creates uncertainty about post-election prospects

With Indonesia’s presidential race getting closer by the day, according to most polls, concerns are emerging in Jakarta about what might happen in the event of a very narrow victory for one candidate or the other.

Challenges to the result in specific jurisdictions can be filed with the Constitutional Court immediately after the July 9 polls. Such challenges could result in a failure of elections in certain areas or an adjustment in the vote tallies compiled by the National Election Commission (KPU).

A revote in some areas is also possible ahead of the scheduled October inauguration of a new leader.  That could usher in a tense few months after an election that is already creating anxieties as the race narrows.

One sign of unease is the fact that some opinion survey companies are holding back recent results that show Jakarta Gov. Joko “Jokowi” Widodo trending lower in the face of the aggressive campaign being waged by retired General Prabowo Subianto.

A senior official in one well-respected polling organization confirmed that his group’s most recent poll had Joko in the lead by just 4 percent. Two months ago, the same group had Joko leading Prabowo by more than 20 points. Releasing the poll, the man said on condition of anonymity, has been stopped for “political reasons.”

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