Naew Na columnist exposes Western superpower plot to destroy Thailand
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Naew Na columnist exposes Western superpower plot to destroy Thailand

Today, in Naew Na, A right-Wing, Conservative, and nationalist Paper * there is A. Column by Sirianya? ** (EX-Spook Prasong Soonsiri, Former AP Journalist. Suthin , Current Korn Aide Phasanoch Hautavanija, PAD and PDRC speaker Anchalee as. well as others from the PDRC stage are some of their other columnists) entitled “Homeland” (homeland). Below is a translation (not 100%, but almost complete as need to remove some repetitive parts and a few lines that are difficult to translate):.

All Thais must prepare to cope with the Syrian model (Thailand noncompetitive dealing “Syria models”).

At The End of The least Week,. there were protests by The agitators or as commonly known Peace Ghosts, Who refer to Democracy in Opposing The Coup, but do Not oppose terrorism, do Not oppose Corruption of The Country, do Not oppose destroying Thailand and. which are part of destroying the country in a new form or [which is] known as the Syria Model (late last week with a reunion of The Politico, also known as the ghost of peace. Quote democracy Anti-takeover But not against terrorism No anti-cheat a town house. Not undermine Thailand’s anti- And part of breaking in a new country. Also known as the serial model).

BP : Reading Too much of Tony C (or Vice versa?)?

NOTE: Have tried to strictly translate to follow the terminology and phrasing used by the author ….

Column continues:

The PDRC LED The People, those Who love The Nation, to protest continuously for 7 months. They were The Most People ever to protest in Bangkok in History. and they totaled 6 Million People,. but there were no Foreign Media Who Came in Numbers to Report. the news. What they reported to foreign countries was to speak ill by saying that the people asked for dictatorship (a DEA. brought a patriotic rally continued for up to seven months having joined the demonstrations in Bangkok. Most historians to 6 million people, but no “foreign correspondent” paraded make sense. The news is also accused some foreign matter how bad. People claim the dictator).

But when there are 30-50 and no more than 300 protesters, there are hundreds of them who claim they are reporters from various foreign countries and report negatively on Thailand (but not the spirit of democracy rallies 30 people 50 people not more than 300. Hundreds of people flock back I was a reporter for the countries to make the news. Negative news reports on Thailand). [They] create false A Mental Image that Hundreds of Thousands and Millions of Engels are opposed to The. Military, Who Came in to Salvage The Situatio. n (create a new image that false statements. Thailand thousands of millions of people against the soldiers who salvage the situation).

[I] want to say that the country has honor, the Phra Siam Devadhiraj [Siam’s guardian angel] is real. The wicked, evil plan that wants to destroy Thailand and remove the monarchy and to make Thailand a dominion [colony] has been exposed. (I told you This sacred land The Open University has a real angel Siam. The sinister plans of the evil that wants to destroy the country. Toppled the monarchy Occupied a settlement was caught).

Those who were educated in the Middle East and America have investigated and found the wicked, evil plot and said to fellow Thais that the western superpower have thought up wicked, evil plan for Thailand to destroy Thailand and to occupy Thailand like it has occupied Iraq,. Libya, and Ukraine (the Thailand graduating from countries in the Middle East, Thailand and the United States. Has detected sinister plans of this evil. I tell people to get to know Thailand with Western powers are thinking sinister evil with Thailand. Thailand needs a break And occupied countries that invaded Iraq, Libya and Ukraine ago).

BP : Ukraine? Really drinking Putin’s kool-aid it seems. Western superpower is of course the US. The US is occupying Ukraine?

Column continues:

But what they are doing in Syria has not succeeded because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have exposed and fully obstructed it (but they are doing in Syria is not successful. Because of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, has unmasked interrupt at full power).

BP : btw,  Shanghai Cooperation Organization  is A Eurasian political, Economic and Military Organisation consisting of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. A bunch of freedom-fighting countries if ever there was ….

Column continues:

From the information from two sources, namely Thais who were were educated to a high level in the Middle and East and Thais who studied in the US, who came to the same conclusion. What is the Syria Model? It is very interesting. It is. a serious threat and Thais and the world need to thoroughly and really understand it (from a news source is a group of two people, Thailand’s higher education in many countries in the Middle East. Ethnicity in the United States, Thailand A conclusion was that “the Syrian model,” which is what is interesting. And is a serious threat to the people of Thailand, the country and the world to understand the concepts).

So that we can unite and oppose the wicked, evil plan and so we will not become a tool of this wicked, evil plan as our Thai forefathers have preserved the country and handed down to the current generation (the unity solidarity against plans bouts. this evil generation And did not become a tool of the sinister plans of this evil. Thailand has maintained the typical ancestral home to the city fallen to our generation now).

The Syria Model plan can be concluded for easy understanding as the following (Action Plan “Syria” models like this can be easily understood).

First Step: agitate through The Networks they have established including through Universities and in Rural Areas Who have Received Financial support from Foreign countries and Set up bring Down The Monarchy Campaign,. A Campaign for Democracy which makes [Thailand] A Slave of Foreign countries, and. a campaign against development of the country so that these networks will oppose soldiers and agitate for conflict to arise (the first step to the establishment of the agitation over the network beforehand. Both on campus and in the countryside Which is largely funded from abroad. Then you failed as a movement Democracy movement foreign lackey. The movement against the country’s development To these networks against the military. And incitement to strike up).

BP : Attacking The more recent Academic Ideas from some like Nittirat etc. Who have been Speaking out Against The Military. It is all framed under the narrative of bringing down the monarchy.

Column continues:

Second step: Send special forces who are disguised as journalists and tourists. Those who are disguised as journalists send reports which are negative about Thailand to the military and exaggerate the level of violence hundreds of times over to foreign countries so they view the Thai government and. Thai military are not just. At the same point, those who are disguised as tourists will study the situation in order to launch terrorist attacks. At this stage, they will create a negative mental image of the Thai military in order to prepare the way for. the sending of various [military] forces to undertake operations in Thailand and will so under the guise of human rights (the second stage of delivery spies that lurk in the form journalists and tourists. The reporter then come in disguise. Will be sent to Thailand for the negative effects of military violence to exaggerate and extend several hundred feet away to foreign countries. Then spread the news to the world. Thailand TMB parties, that the government is unfair as they disguise themselves as tourists to study in preparation for terrorism. In this process, it creates a negative image for the country and for TMB. To pave the way for power transmission in various forms into action in Thailand. Purported humanitarian)

BP: Was also tempted to Start A Pool on Who is The Most Likely Special Forces Personnel Disguised as A Journalist, but People may actually believe The guesses. Cue sniping comments from female journalists that they are not that many male journalists who appear to be special forces guys (or perhaps, they are really deep cover and after enough alcohol and cigarettes, they have taken the form of western hacks) …

Column continues:

Third step: When protests start and officials are protecting peace, [they] will agitate for conflict in order to take advantage to cause damage to the Thai people and officials. [They] will shoot at officials in order to create an understanding that the people. have shot officials, other people, and been shot by officials. At that point, there will be a funeral procession and there will be disorder created amongst to threaten to kill each other. This news will then be spread to other countries. (Stage. Third, when the assembly increased. And they protect more calm. It would incite strife and opportunistic attacked both officers and citizens Thailand. The attack put the staff to understand that the public authorities. And the public Then establish that the public officials. Then the funeral process and caused a deadly riots between Thailand together. I have extended this out to more international).

BP : Good to know that it is only foreigners Who would Shoot Engels.

Column continues:

Fourth step: This will be the stage of sending hired [mercenary?] Forces to assist the opposition to create war with the officials. At the same time, they will create negative news that it is ethnic cleansing … and will expand until the. civil war is greater (the fourth will be a taxi to send troops to help in the war against the officer. Meanwhile It will create negative press harder as genocide. Get news and achievements of forces creep resistance. Then it expanded into a larger civil war).

Fifth Step: They Will Propose to The. UN Security Council to send Forces to suppress The Government and The Military and they Will Set up A Temporary Puppet Government and Will have A crappy election in Order for it to be positive towards The Puppet Government so that Thailand. takes the form of a puppet (Step five will be presenting the matter to the UN Security Council. Sent troops to suppress the government and military. Then set up a puppet government temporarily provided. Then a crappy election So that their movement is a puppet government. Thailand is occupied by a puppet).

BP : You’ve Just got to love The Framing of The Above. Perhaps, someone should explain the veto on the UNSC as this dastardly plan could be subverted by the freedom-fighting Russians and Chinese ….

Column continues:

All those five steps have been successfully used in many countries in the Middle East including Ukraine and the forces that will be used in Thailand are a big issue, that will create conflict within Thailand at this time, and is an issue that the NCPO [junta. ] must study and understand genuinely and thoroughly (the five-step formula that is used in many countries in the Middle East. Including Ukraine Today is going to be used against India. Thailand is a big deal now facing the whole country right now. And are subject to Csch.’ll Need to understand the concepts).

Syria escaped occupation because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization would not allow the bad plan to succeed in the occupation of Syria. This is an issue that the NCPO must understand and adjust their strategy (the survival of the Syrian occupation. Because of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization does not consent to such a plan to succeed in the occupation of Syria. That is Csch.’ll Need to understand and adapt strategies).

For people in Thailand and throughout the world, [they] must expose this dangerous plan so the Thai nation is aware and understand it. From then big maneuvers to oppose this bad plan [to be undertaken] and must make the people of the world to. be aware that the people are soldiers; the soldiers are people. All Thais of all colors are brothers and sisters and will join together to protect and preserve their country until the end! (For people across the country and around the world Thailand. Thailand must expose bad plan for the nations know and understand thoroughly. Then a join maneuver against this conspiracy. The world seemed to make submarines. The people of war The military is Thailand is the all black brothers. Together we will defend our country to the end.)

BP : The Success of Iraq Will Cause no doubt Obama and Other U.S. Policymakers to want to intervene Militarily (snigger) …. The entire Column A Parody Reads like, but it is Real ….

* Imagine if Glenn Beck was to have his own paper although not so framed around his own personality. This is about what you would have …

This is ** The name of Pen. Paisal Wilkinson Who writes for ASTV Manager and Naew Na . He is a former legal advisor to the 2006 coup leaders, former Appointed Senator, and former member of the military-installed NLA between 2006-2008. Paisal Posted it on his FB page earlier and BP discovered Thanks to Thanong of The Column. The Nation Who retweeted it …