MA Gender and Sexuality
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MA Gender and Sexuality

Increasingly policy makers and governing structures understand the need to engage with gender and sexuality, such that graduates with disciplinary understanding of gender and sexuality are increasingly required in policy, research and legal environments.

In response to this need a brand new postgraduate programme is being offered by SOAS University of London.

The principal aim of MA Gender and Sexuality is to re-focus issues prioritised in western Gender Studies and the study of sexuality on the complex specificities of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East.

The programme offers students the specialised study of gender and sexuality in relation to the cultures of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, together with rigorous training in, and questioning of, contemporary gender theory.

The MA Gender and Sexuality at SOAS caters for students with a variety of objectives.  It will appeal to those coming from a background of Women’s Studies or Gender Studies who wish to engage more deeply with gender theory in relation to regional specialisation; and those having previously trained in other disciplines, such as Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Cultural and Media Studies, History, Politics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Refugee/Diaspora Studies, and who wish to incorporate the study of gender and sexuality into their own area of expertise.

Gender Studies is widely regarded by a range of employers as an excellent training, equipping holders of the degree with a range of relevant employable skills. The value and relevance of the discipline are evidenced by the great variety and distinction of careers gender studies graduates from SOAS have embarked upon with success. These include employment in international organisations, NGOs, think tanks, research organisations, the media, as well as government ministries and programmes. There are growing numbers of gender studies programmes at universities throughout the world, although very few that combine the study of gender and sexuality in a global context.

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